Ipotesi per un design dell'inclusione


The workpackages helps and sustain the traditional design practice, focusing on the aspects characterizing the Transition Town. The feedback necessary to define a consistent design are very numerous and similar to the nature of the phenomena studied in quantum physics where it counts the most resonance between the parties (networks and nodes) that the force of gravity (attraction to a point).

WP1 – Groups and social change.

The WP 1 is the analysis of mutations sociological issues relating to emerging social groups that may be interested in a different type of accommodation (see the experience Beginenhof in Berlin) through the choice of a target audience.
It focuses in particular on those disadvantaged groups of the population (as defined by the regulations of the European Commission – EC Regulation no. 800/2008), which are: single, those who have lost their jobs, young workers, the new family, young mothers, students, foreign students, migrants, the new concepts of tourism, weather emergencies, post-disaster housing.

Tag: > Sociology of Globalization> Systemic Emergencies> New social groups> The concept of Transition> New business models

WP2 – Urban experience.

The WP 2 is responsible for analyzing the innovative proposals from existing research in terms of city and urban spatiality. In particular, the search for alternative solutions and reuse of elements and / or the recycling of components. Metamorphosis typological and permutation of spaces and topologies housing, with innovative materials and technologies. Inclusion of new factors and new approaches to urban design, the approach of morphological type Ingels Group BIG -Bjarke numerous European experiences that go under the title of Container City and Smart cities.
The project beyond the horizon serial number: > The Team Ten and the experience of G. de Carlo> The experience of Lucien Kroll> The avant-garde of the 70s: Archigram and Luis Khan> Future and memory: Super studio, Archizoom, Sottsas, Branzi (The warm home )> F. Dallegret, Reyner Banham, Pure Franco, Aldo Rossi, the GRAU, the group Labyrinth
Experience contemporary design:> Container Houses in the World> Talking Cities / Global Cities / Smart Cities

WP3 – Design: forms, functions and locations.

WP3 deals with the issue of identity of places, giving prominence to the Project intended as a conceptual crossroads of the interaction between form and function-figuration.
You will want to explore an abacus made ​​of figurative elements and nodes morphologically interesting. The human settlement will be read as an integrated mosaic of experiences emerging from the needs of society. The new Town will have the ability to create a pattern, with its own identity integrated urban and allowing interaction with business processes. The living module in its flexibility will not only offer temporary accommodation to those who are in difficulty at the moment, but will be the basis for generating other common areas that can provide both functional places of shared services, both free spaces of sociability.

Project Systemic: > Create an abacus made ​​of elements and nodes in the form of housing construction> New concepts of Function and Features> The minimum living space-mutable

WP4 – Interior for social housing.

In WP4 focuses the study of interior design for social housing (social housing). Design of interior spaces, detection and management of housing functions. New ideas and new ways to use the furniture, tying the project design supplies to more general space; with particular attention to the compactness and reduced volumes.
Keywords will be the study of thresholds of passage as continuity / discontinuity and space as places / non-places. The WP focuses on the interior, the design of the dwelling in a context of transition. In a broad sense we think of a social housing that rethinks the supplies in a contemporary design, which meets the functional requirements and aesthetic, sustainability, modularity, space reduction, etc …

Project of social housing: > New products related to the new living> Supplies design for social housing> Objects and transition / portable furniture (ability to be transported, lightweight)> The new “do it yourself” and the self-> Spaces in the spaces, systems that generate changes in the environments that host them> Multi functionality and hybridization (adaptability)
> Apparel is information, an accessory that generates graphical language

“In 2050 the world will be inhabited by
approximately 9 billion people, at least
5 billion will live in megacities, cities grew
dramatically, and at least 2 billion will be the
urban poor who live in slums”.
VitoDiBari – Sole 24Ore

WP5 – Sustainability and home automation.

The sustainability of the settlement becomes one of the crucial aspects of urban planning, ecological aspects and sustainable despite being a pre-requisite for any basic design still require a strong focus. In WP 5 therefore puts particular attention to the principles of sustainability in general and in particular to the low carbon assumptions on energy. Will be considered the primary elements, the ECO-Continuum and Permaculture. Will be also addressed all those issues related to home automation and automation of the shares in housing. Using the Interaction design as an extension of the functions, simplification of procedures and reduction of energy consumption. We will deepen the concept of sensitive project, and the ability to detect stimuli (sensitivity in perceiving stimuli and perceive a variety of stimuli) and the intelligent project, or the ability to process stimuli (reduction of false positives and the ability to propose solutions in multiple contexts real-time).

Aspects of sustainability: > The Low-carbon, renewable energy and the new philosophy of sustainability> Deep ecology by F. Capra, E. Manzini> Principles and ecological materials> Permaculture

The aspects of home automation:> The network society and networked> The house in the web-web in the house> User Interaction (pending system user who is acting)> Self-protection (security systems to obtain and report)