Ipotesi per un design dell'inclusione


The theme of the accommodation invests human civilization in all its aspects, until it becomes the key paradigm of what is ancient-modern-contemporary. The city takes on a new significance as a place, in fact, while for millennia it has been the place where we stayed and were communicating, today the city is above all a place where we relate to. The project starts from the detection of the mutation of the social model “Company Continent” to the model of “Company to Archipelago”: the centrality of the traditional family, where the living space constituted almost entirely of product demand and innovation, a company that constantly generating new types of families, groups of socially identifiable and spatial contexts on which to build new applications for the product. Through the systemic approach to the project, the human settlement will be read in various scales like a mosaic integrated experiences continually emerging from the needs of society.

Attività didattica

Raccolta di progetti Transition Town realizzati nei corsi e Workshop ISIA Roma Design.

Transition Town Pordenone

Progetto per Largo Cervignano – Pordenone, in collaborazione con il comune di Pordenone, Polo Tecnologico di Pordenone e ICE Agenzia.

Network Transition Town

Social housing design for integration.