Ipotesi per un design dell'inclusione

Transition Town Network

Social housing design for integration.

Transition Town is a network where individuals, Small and Medium Enterprises and institutions can virtually connect each other to create real self-sufficient settlements, based on new economic models that are founded on individual and group responsibility. This is a platform whose aim is to be a sort of meeting point between need and demand of home and work.
It is a systemic model to create and manage integrated projects for the construction of experimental housing units. The target audience is the growing, quite fragmented social archipelago that is constantly emergent from systemic crises.

Network, how to be a part of.

Transition Town is a service which aims to provide instruments for the development of the person as an active social being who is able to fit in the socio-economic scenario.
The Transition Town platform is a virtual place where you will meet different needs and offers, it is a true incubator of settlements and initiatives that are linked to the transition. The permanence in the Transition Towns should be a time of personal and professional growth, so every user has customized itineraries and tasks. The user indicates his needs and supplies with tags, that are used to further specify the user profile and to improve the percentage of
matching. Questionnaires are used to better define the soft and hard skills of each user. The system processes the entered information and provides the user with a number of possibilities, specifying for each one the percentage of matching, a gap analysis and any possible action to improve the score. The user selects some of the proposals and he supports cognitive and informative interviews that aim at his insertion into the real community.