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What is Transition Town

“Transition Town” is a project of research that wants to read and interpret some features of contemporary society emerging, linked to the transience and insecurity, focusing on new living proposals .
The design approach, based on Systemic and on the theory of complexity, split mode for sharing experimental sustainable living models, based on shared space and services as well as on key concepts such as modularity, flexibility, figurative identity, sustainability and home automation. The advanced search is a project of social housing, wants to explore and suggest experimental solutions to new urban typologies able to interpret and respond to certain entities, emerging or emerged from social change, focusing on those disadvantaged groups of population (defined by the European Commission/ECReg.n.800/2008).

This project therefore aims to contribute to the development of new scenarios that explore design of a service in its generative qualities. In fact, the housing units will provide new typological categories of products and services designed specifically so as to create an appropriate habitat, friendly and helpful to produce a series of links with the urban society and the world of work, temporarily weakened by the condition of difficulty; will be the basis for generating other common areas that can provide both functional places of shared services, both free spaces of sociability.

These issues today in Italy are not yet clear (though there are important experiences on social housing), but that rely on expanding trend and appear irreversible.

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